Summer 2015 Style Trends

Summer 2015 Style Trends

From the runways and catwalks we bring you Spring/ Summer 2015 hottest trends. Gone are the days of the suit and back are the days of denim. Casual wear, sports wear, whatever you may wish to call it, dominated the catwalks with denim, technical fabrics and casual silhouettes linking Milan, Paris and London into a new aesthetic for the contemporary man.

Trend #1: Keep It Neutral

After seasons of suits in bold colors, it’s time to keep it on the down-low. Strong beige and nude hues were in place at both Bottega Veneta and Berluti, and even in the high-top sneakers at Calvin Klein. Remember, just because it’s neutral doesn’t mean it has to be boring.


Trend #2: Denim Delight. 

Just when you’re least expecting it: denim is now. What a delight it is to see the return of denim as such a strong statement. Don’t let your mind wonder towards nineties or early naughties denim combinations, as this incarnation of the humble yet evergreen fabric is fashion forward, directional and totally surprising.


Trend #3: White is by far the biggest colour statement of the season.

Trend #4: Bombers are the Bomb!

Men like to wear outerwear, from blazers come parkas to bombers, they are not bothered about colours, they need to have the option of wearing the colour they most like that season, or even day, and prints are always a fail safe option.

Bombers come in all shapes and sizes for next summer and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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