Best-Dressed Man at the Office

Best-Dressed Man at the Office

As a guy, it can sometimes be hard to figure out what to wear to certain occasions, especially to work. How nice are you supposed to dress? What shoes should you wear? Does this even match? Your first job, or even a job interview is one of life’s most significant milestones. As a young person, it may seem as though employers are extra weary of how you carry yourself, which is why dressing your best is important to make a good first impression. It can be hard to figure out exactly what to wear, and it can also be something that puts a rather large dent in your wallet. But, thankfully, there are affordable and stylish clothes out there that will help you land and keep your dream job.


The perfect top/shirt – in the right colour:

Like many guys, a white shirt is the go-to option for a young or old professional, however trying something more exciting could set you apart from others. Selecting a coloured shirt can highlight one’s eyes, hair and personality. Be sure to find a fitted size and try to stay away from multicolours, rolled up sleeves are great on a hot day and cufflinks can be added for a little more detail. Depending on the profession and the rest of your outfit, a coloured shirt is a wise choice for a more casual but smart appearance, made better if worn with a belt.

Business Casual

Business casual dress is the next step up. Jeans probably aren’t allowed, unless your work celebrates casual Friday. Usually a nice pair of slacks with a button down shirt, and a tie will suffice. Try not to wear crazy-patterned ties or too vibrant patterns on your shirt. Stick to simple, such as a striped button down shirt with a a tie that matches the accent of your stripes, or even a plain blue shirt with a black tie. For shoes, loafers or lace-up dress shoes would be perfect. You can even wear a sport jacket to add an extra touch.

Given that professional wardrobes vary from office to office, there are still a few key pieces that tend to define the traditional work wardrobe.

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